A supplementary support program in addition to university education, governed by:

  • The Executive Decree No. 09-03 of January 3, 2009, specifying the mission of tutoring and setting out the modalities for its implementation.
  • The Order of June 16, 2010, establishing the procedures for the provision of tutoring services in higher education institutions.
  • The Order No. 713 of November 3, 2011, outlining the composition and functioning of the tutoring commission.

Tutoring is a welcoming and support mission dedicated to new baccalaureate holders enrolled in the first year of preparatory classes at the school. This mission, which is conducted by the institution’s teachers/researchers, aims to, reduce the failure rate, the risk of dropping out, and abandonment, It also contributes to help the student integrating into university life, guide them in their learning, and gradually provide access to information related to the professional world. In short, the main objective of this support is to enhance the university integration of first-year students and assist them in succeeding in their studies.


It is expected that tutors will perform certain missions with their tuteesin order to improve first year students integration and aid them in the success of their studies. These missions essentially have the following three aspects:

  • Informative: Welcoming, introducing the school and the program, and explaining the specific nature of preparatory classes.
  • Psychopedagogical: Personal work organization, listening, and motivation.
  • Methodological: University study methods and documentation.


As a result, students will be able to:

  1. Develop their academic skills.
  2. Enhance their sense of initiative and responsibility.
  3. Foster their organizational skills to optimize their educational performance.
  4. Plan for the future and set short and long-term goals.


Members of the Commission

The ENSTI tutoring commission is composed in accordance with Ministerial Order No. 713 of November 3, 2011, of the institution’s director, the deputy director in charge of education, diplomas, and continuous training. The commission also includes, the domain responsible as a member and teacher-researchers appointed by the institution’s chief to ensure the ongoing monitoring of the tutoring process. Those members are:



– Karima SMILI