The Direction in charge of Information and Communication Systems and External Relations is an organizational response to the specific needs of university institutions aiming for openness to their national and international environment. Through this framework, the direction aims to represent the National Higher School of Technology and Engineering of Annaba, acting as a bridge between the institution, students, and society as a whole. Its primary objective is to support the school in fulfilling its mission of education, research, and sustainable development.


The External Relations direction spares no effort in building a positive and well-defined image by disseminating information about the school’s activities and enhancing its visibility through its website. It also seeks to strengthen the school’s relationships with its socio-economic environment by establishing partnerships through international agreements, internships, and scholarships abroad for the benefit of students. Thus, it aims to place the school on the national and international academic stage.


The Deputy Director in charge of information and communication systems and external relations is assisted by:

  • The Head of Information and Communication Service
  • The Head of Monitoring, Statistics, and Prospective Service
  • The Head of External Relations Service