Presentation of the department

Welcome to the Department of Process and Energy Engineering at ENSTI Annaba! Our department is dedicated to academic excellence, innovative research and community engagement in the fields of process engineering and energy. We are proud to play a vital role in training future engineers and conducting cutting-edge research in these fields.

Our mission

Our primary mission is to train the next generation of competent, creative and responsible engineers, while contributing significantly to the advancement of knowledge in process and energy engineering. Here are the main aspects of our mission:

  • Quality Academic Training: We offer rigorous academic programs that prepare our students to meet real-world challenges. Our programs include theoretical courses, practical laboratory work and internship opportunities.

  • Cutting-edge research: Our department is engaged in cutting-edge research. We carry out innovative research projects that help solve complex industrial problems and improve technologies in the field of process engineering and energy.

  • Community Engagement: We work collaboratively with industry partners, government agencies and local organizations to apply our engineering skills to projects that have a positive impact on society.

Our goals

To achieve our mission, we have defined several key objectives:

  • Academic Excellence: We strive to provide quality education that develops technical skills and transversal skills, such as problem solving, critical thinking and communication.

  • Innovative research: We aim to be at the forefront of process and energy engineering research, carrying out interdisciplinary research projects and publishing our results in renowned journals.

  • Sustainability: We seek to integrate sustainability principles into our academic and research activities, contributing to environmentally friendly solutions.

  • Industry Partnerships: We maintain strong relationships with industry to provide internship opportunities, applied research projects and training focused on industry needs.

  • International reach: We encourage the international mobility of students and researchers, thus promoting cultural and scientific exchanges with other institutions around the world.

  • Community service: We put our expertise at the service of the community by contributing to local, national and international projects that benefit society.

Educational lab (the name of the lab)

  • Process and energy engineering workshop
  • Mechanical engineering workshop
  • Heat Transfer Laboratory
  • Chemistry laboratory