About the Department

    The preparatory classes department is one of the five departments of the higher national school of technology and engineering. It offers affiliated students a two-year basic training program, enabling them to enrich their scientific and technological knowledge.

     During this period, the student acquires a number of pedagogical skills and abilities organized into fundamental, methodological and transversal units, which are approached through a variety of pedagogical activities, such as courses, tutorials and applied work.

      Assessment of the knowledge acquired by the student for each pedagogical unit is progressive and includes continuous controls, micro-interrogatories, examinations or other means of control.

    Each semester ends with an exam. At the end of this stage, students may continue their studies in one of the specialties offered by the school if their ranking allows them to do so. They may also take part in the remaining external competitive examinations, once they have passed the second year.

Vision and Mission

     In this phase, attention is focused on ensuring that the newcomer to the school receives a distinctive basic training that includes both theoretical and practical aspects, giving him  the necessary knowledge and skills that will help him  continue on to the second stage.