Pr. Mohamed-Faouzi HARKAT

School Director

Welcome to the School’s Website

It is with great pleasure that I address you through our website, which we consider an interactive portal connecting you to us and facilitating your access to various information about our school, its programs, and its activities.

I have the immense honor of being at the head of this promising institution and the privilege of working with all members of our community to achieve our shared vision of academic excellence and scientific and technological innovation.

Within our institution, we are convinced that investing in education is an investment in individuals and their bright future.

We are working tirelessly to make the National Higher School of Technology and Engineering one of the most important higher education institutions in Algeria. We are fully aware that the responsibility of building a better future for Algeria lies with all of us. Thus, we have accepted the challenge of implementing the Ministry of Higher Education’s strategy in its three dimensions:

  • Providing quality training and education:

This is one of our major commitments, and we rely on a team of competent teachers with knowledge, experience, and pedagogical mastery. We aim to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practice to prepare our future engineers for a successful professional life.

We are working to provide them with training that allows them to acquire knowledge and develop and strengthen their professional and personal skills effectively in various specialized fields. We want them to be able to contribute to the sustainable development of the country, to lead with competence, to innovate in their communities, and to be competitive on the national and even international labor market.

  • Focusing on useful and innovative scientific research:

We believe in the importance of innovation and development, and we are committed to following the latest advances in scientific and technological fields by providing a stimulating educational environment for our student engineers, offering advanced educational programs that meet their needs and help them achieve their aspirations, encouraging them to participate in various activities, providing the necessary support to conduct creative and innovative scientific research, and ensuring that it meets current national requirements to achieve comprehensive development.

  • Wealth creation:

This is the third dimension that deals with awakening the entrepreneurial spirit of our student engineers, encouraging them to create start-ups and emerging companies based on a knowledge economy by concretizing their ideas and launching high-value-added projects that contribute to the development of the national economy.

We also aspire to implement a policy of opening this school to its economic and social environment in order to contribute to the resolution of technical problems encountered by national companies. To do this, we focus on communication with the school’s external environment to create strong partnerships and contribute to the prosperity and development of society.

We aim to achieve standards of excellence and we are moving forward with humility and ambition. We have adopted a digitalization approach at both the administrative and pedagogical levels, and we are working on the development of advanced information systems to facilitate the services offered to students, teachers, and administrative staff.

Finally, we thank all those who believe in our vision, trust us, contribute to the progress of our institution, and have chosen our school as a partner.

For more information about our school, we invite you to visit our website, its programs, and its activities.


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