The missions of the school, as a public institution of higher education, include higher education, scientific research, innovation, technological watch, and technology transfer. The main mission of the school lies in the field of training in science and technology in general, as well as in specific areas such as mechanics, electrical engineering, mining, energy, mining, industrial engineering, and methods engineering, in accordance with Executive Decree No. 16-176 dated 9 Ramadan 1437 corresponding to June 14, 2016, which specifies:

  • Ensure the training of highly qualified executives ;
  • Provide preparatory training for students to access postgraduate studies ;
  • Initiate students in research methods and ensure training through research ;
  • Contribute to the production and dissemination of knowledge and its acquisition and development ;
  • Introduce the dimension of innovation, technology transfer, and entrepreneurship both in training and research ;
  • Initiate students in innovation and entrepreneurship.

In the field of scientific research and technological development, its missions are:

  • Contribute to the national effort in scientific research and technological development ;
  • Promote the development of science and technology ;
  • Contribute to strengthening national technical potential ;
  • Contribute to the valorization of the results of scientific research and the dissemination of scientific and technical information ;
  • Participate in the international scientific community in the exchange of knowledge and its enrichment ;
  • Promote scientific production and encourage emulation.



  • Develop knowledge in scientific research and train elites in technological fields with economic, political, and social mastery.
  • Provide training focused on critical thinking and research, in line with the country’s orientations.
  • Encourage the expansion of expertise areas based on national resources in general and regional job market opportunities in particular.
  • The management of the school is based on the dynamics of consultation and exchange in the preparation of projects for the operation of the institution.