The National Higher School of Technology and Engineering in Annaba was established by Executive Decree No. 22-440 dated 23 Joumada El Oula of the year 1444 corresponding to December 17, 2022. The school is considered a continuation of the two former higher schools in Annaba, the National Higher School of Mines and Metallurgy, and the Higher School of Industrial Technologies Annaba, which were merged to form the National Higher School of Technology and Engineering.

Our school is classified as a public institution with a scientific, cultural, and professional vocation, enjoying legal personality and financial independence. It is under the supervision of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, located in Sidi Amar, in the wilaya of Annaba. It has an estimated capacity of 2000 pedagogical places and has infrastructure and material resources such as technical laboratories, workshops, computers, study rooms, a library equipped with modern technologies, and other facilities.

The institution is dedicated to the fields of science and technology with the aim of contributing to the scientific, political, economic, and social life of the country. It admits students among the top graduates in mathematical, technical, and experimental sciences and aims to provide education to support, train, and develop a multidisciplinary scientific culture, primarily to train the engineers of the future.

Scientific disciplines are taught through lectures, practical work in laboratories, workshops, and field trips. Courses with an economic and managerial focus are also integrated. In line with the trend in higher education and scientific research, two foreign languages (French and English) have been incorporated into the curriculum so that engineering students from the school can apply the knowledge and skills acquired in the economic and social context.


The National Higher School of Technology and Engineering offers (05) years of education after the baccalaureate as follows:

  • Two years of basic training (first cycle of the National Higher School).

After successfully completing the two years of basic training, access to the specialization cycle is conditional upon passing a competition organized by the National Higher School of Technology and Engineering as follows:

  • A competition based on academic performance for the top-ranked students of the school, where a quota of educational places is set each year by ministerial decree;
  • A national competition based on written tests for other students not selected from the school in the academic performance-based competition, for students from other higher schools, universities, and university centers in the same field.

*The modalities of the competition are determined each year by regulatory means.

  • Three years of specialization (second cycle of the higher school)

Our students benefit from a professionalizing training with field experiences and internships within companies and public organizations.

The National Higher School of Technology and Engineering awards a State Engineer diploma at the end of the training course.

In accordance with decree No. 636 dated May 18, 2023, our school comprises the following departments:

  • Department of Preparatory Training.
  • Department of Mining Engineering, Metallurgy and Materials
  • Department of Electronics, Electrical Engineering, and Automation.
  • Department of Industrial Engineering.
  • Department of Process Engineering and Energetics.