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A Summary of ANEM-Workshops Closure

The workshops led by the training leaders of the National Employment Agency (ANEM) – Annaba – at the National Higher School of Technology and Engineering (ENSTI) – Annaba have been successfully completed
These workshops were intended for final-year engineering students of all specialities. During the different sessions, our engineering students benefited from a whole set of explanations and clarifications on their future professional career, and on self-awareness in relation to their potential future professions. In addition, the emphasis was put on the new national reference “NAME”.
In summary, the school would like to thank the executives of AWEM-Annaba for their efforts in supporting our engineering students.  We are confident that the knowledge and skills acquired through this collaboration will empower our graduates to thrive in their chosen careers. We look forward to continuing this fruitful partnership and creating further opportunities for our engineering students to excel.

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